Athlete Profile: Nate Diamant

By Emily Supple

Berkeley High School senior Nate Diamant runs the 5k with the rest of his varsity teammates, and has been an instrumental part of the cross country team since his sophomore year. The team practices six days a week in order to stay competitive and in top running shape.

Orienteering Uncovered as a Berkeley High Club

By Aminta Gueye

One of the most unknown sports at Berkeley High School is orienteering. Orienteering is an adventurous sport that combines racing and navigation. The BHS orienteering team has won state championships for the past several years.

Girls' Varsity Soccer Set to Kick Off New Season

By Maayan Ziv

Winter sports are fast approaching, and with them comes the Berkeley High girls’ soccer season. BHS girls’ soccer has a history of high achievement, and this year, the girls are gearing up for a strong season.

Bay Area's NFL Teams Not Performing Up to Par

By William Lundquist

The NFL season is in full swing, and the two Bay Area teams are off to shaky starts. The Forty-Niners have shown flashes of dominance both offensively and defensively, which have come to be expected ever since Jim Harbaugh gave Colin Kaepernick the starting quarterback position over Alex Smith. He has led the team to consecutive Super Bowl runs, and has solidified his role as an elite quarterback in the NFL. At running back, Frank “the Tank” Gore is at the helm of the Niners’ power run attack, and their passing offense contains a mix of veteran and young talent.

Sail Team Has High Hopes After Strong Start to Season

By Jose lavariega

Perhaps one of the lesser known and unique Berkeley High School sports teams is the Berkeley High Sail Team, a team of serious caliber and firm determination. The BHS Sail Team began six years ago, founded with the purpose of giving BHS students the unique opportunity to sail. Dan Brandt, Youth Sailing Director at Richmond Yacht Club, said, “This year, thanks to Raffi Altman and Bear Lundegaard, the team is the biggest it's been.”

BHS Football Team Looks to Change Strategy

By Nico Garcia

While the season of fall brings change in the color of leaves and the flu, it also marks the beginning of the Berkeley High School football team’s season. So far, the Yellowjackets have not won a single game.

New NFL Players to Improve Bay Area Teams' Prospects for Success

By Nico Garcia

While the start of the school year brings sadness and gloom, a good thing that comes along with it is the start of the NFL season. Teams will look to get off to a good start for the season; however, early September will also crush the hearts of many hopeful fans around the country. September 4 will cap a long off-season which either showed promise for young players or instated dread into the hearts of the fans who now know their beloved team will be in for a long season.

Athlete Profile: Scott Sowko

By Bowen Johnson

Since the age of seven, Scott Sowko has had dreams of being an incredible water polo player. He has now reached that goal. Sowko is entering his senior year at Berkeley High School in CAS, and for the second straight year in a row he will be the team captain for varsity water polo.

BHS Varsity Waterpolo Begins Promising Season

By Nico Garcia

As the fall semester begins, so does the Berkeley High School boys’ water polo season, and coach Bill Gaebler is hoping that the boys will get off to a good start. Last year, the team consisted of many first-year players, and they played well. However, the league in which they competed was very tough. This year, the veteran team shows lots of promise. Many players who were first-year players last year will be returning with more experience and improved fitness. With this added experience, the boys have set their sights high.

Athlete Profile: Amira Cohen

By Sarah Carlin

Amira Cohan, Berkeley High Varsity diving captain, began the sport in sixth grade and has continued diving since then, honing her skills each year. With the season nearing its close, Cohan is proud of her team’s efforts.“We added a lot of new divers this season,” Cohan said. She continued, “[The new divers] are very dedicated and are making great progress.” One aspect that has kept Cohan engaged in diving is “the feeling you get after you do a great dive and the feeling you get once you finally master a new dive.” Diving takes a lot of courage.

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