Tensions in Ukraine Rise, Unification Efforts Needed

By Sonya Karabel

Over the last month, long-standing tensions have exploded in Ukraine. This has led to huge protests and the ousting of the president. Events escalated quickly in the revolution, and the turmoil is certainly not over. The Ukrainian people who wish for a more European style government have taken to the streets in Kiev, where they have already started to create change but have also been met with great resistance.

Six Winter Olympic Sports You've Probably Never Heard of

By Molly Mermin

The 2014 Winter Olympics held in Sochi, Russia are now over. You probably spent the last two weeks parked in front of your TV watching figure skating, downhill skiing, and Team USA’s failed attempt at playing ice hockey.

These are some of the most popular sports of the Winter Games. However, I bet you didn’t catch any of the following sports, or if you did, you most likely had never seen them before. I decided to ask BHS students Jack McDonald, Maya Bernard, Yuki Nagase, Shira Anisman, and Pria Ford about some of these obscure Olympic sports.

Con: Beyonce Is Not the Feminist You Think She Is

By Maddy Dills

If you haven’t heard of Beyoncé, I’m not even sure how you are reading this paper, because you must not be of this earth. Be you from Australia, Japan, Brazil, or Siberia, you have no doubt heard some sort of association of Beyoncé with the godly forces of the world. Even living under a rock would probably not excuse you from hearing her melodious voice.

Pro: Beyonce's Rise to Stardom Was Inspirational

By Ava Wallace

Beyoncé Knowles has been the queen of the music industry ever since she blew America away in 1997 as the lead singer of Destiny’s Child. Since then, her image has only grown larger as she continues to strike out on her own, making music history with her show-stopping voice and flawless dance moves. Garnering legions of devoted fans worldwide, Beyoncé has changed the face of Pop and R&B music. In 2013, Time named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world. With her incredible success, she has become one the the biggest inspirations for young people around the globe.

Hookup Culture Amongst High Schoolers is Inevitable

By Emma Koger

Trying to explain hookup culture at Berkeley High School to anyone older than you are, especially parents, is one of the most difficult things you can do. A recent conversation with my mother, in which she asked me if two of my friends were “going steady,” highlighted this generational gap. My mom became even more confused when I responded that they were “just talking.”

Fed. Minimum Wage Initiatives Are a Step in the Right Direction

By Editorial Board

The minimum wage in California is eight dollars an hour. Some of us may have experienced a similar pay for babysitting, or for jobs through YouthWorks. Assuming someone who’s not still in school works a 40 hour week earning minimum wage, the grand total that they earn per year is $16,640 — before taxes. Sixteen thousand dollars a year to pay for food, rent, not even considering the luxuries like iPhones and computers that many of us take for granted. Those who fall under this category must often have two, three, and sometimes more jobs, just to afford the basics.

Military Families Deserve More Than Food Stamps

By Eliza Macy

According to the government and many Americans, the military is the ultimate expression of bravery and patriotism in our country. Therefore, it would not seem likely that the soldiers who are so honored and celebrated around the nation should have to rely heavily on food stamps and return home financially limited. Unfortunately, this is the truth. The fact that the people “fighting for our nation” are not being taken care of by the government, however, is hidden behind heroic commercials and commendation from the president.

Jasper Feinberg 3/7/14

By Jasper Feinberg

March is always the craziest month of college basketball. The competition is fierce, as teams battle it out to achieve the preeminent collegiate athletic honor: reaching and then winning the NCAA Basketball tournament. Reaching the tournament is difficult in and of itself. Teams must navigate the unpredictable waters of college basketball, filled with buzzer beaters and upsets, not to mention confusing NCAA rules. Just last week, five of the top ten teams in the country all lost on the same day.

Mar's Hidden World 3/7/14

By Marielle Boland

How do you bring true originality to film? The answer is not to create a brand new story arc, but to take quite popular, and frankly overdone story arcs, and place new characters in the situation. This gives the audience space to breathe with comfortability of a basic plot line, but also allows them to have their minds blown with unique, new ideas at the same time.

Synecdoche 3/7/14

By Colin Davis and Colleen Hamilton-Lecky

It’s fun to believe we live in a post-racial society, but look at any Awards show and you will see this is far from the truth. The Academy Awards, which is supposed to reward the best storytellers in film from all backgrounds, is no exception.

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