Athlete Profile: Ivan Jutamulia

Ivan Jutamulia’s passion for soccer began at the age of four and continues to this day

Cafe Clem Faces Financial Obstacles

Cafe Clem recently closed and reopened due to a financial struggle with the new minimum wage in Berkeley

Y Scholars Aids BHS Pupils

Only two blocks away from Berkeley High School, in the YMCA Teen Center, a passionate group of tutors, counselors, and students in the Y Scholars program thrive

Homeless Resident Mike Lee to Run for Berkeley Mayor in 2016

Mike Lee, a homeless resident of Berkeley, is one of four candidates running for mayor of the city

Athlete Profile: Teresa Mesones

Although many people begin practicing sports at a very young age, only a few continue to diligently strive towards making them a part of their lives

Close-By Sushinista Offers Unique Flavors with

2235 Milvia Street occupies a special spot in the Berkeley High School students’ lunch plans

Upcoming Events 12/18

Outdoor activites
Free Admission to SF Botanical Gardens, December 25 or January 5
San Francisco’s extensive and beautiful collection of all things green is opening its doors for free on select days, from 7:30 AM to 4 PM. The unique climatic conditions of the Bay Area are perfect for the twelve different global sections, the garden houses.

December 9 Events Stress Racial Issues

Berkeley High School halted regular curriculum to focus on anti-racism and to conduct two school assemblies on December 9. The day of learning came as a response to racist messages posted on a library computer that included heavy use of the n-word and threats of a “public lynching” of black students on that day.

Following Tragic Balcony Collapse, Victims and Families File Lawsuits

Seven surviving victims and five families of students killed by the fifth-floor balcony collapse this past June filed a total of twelve lawsuits against the building’s owner, property manager, building contractor, and various subcontractors on November 12. An unrelated criminal investigation into the collapse is already underway.