Spanish Classes Hold Day of the Dead Celebration

By Myah Overstreet

In the United States, the death of a loved one is seen as something to mourn and grieve over; however, in Latin America, this signifies a time to celebrate. All over Latin America, people celebrate the lives and accomplishments of their loved ones.

Berkeley Rep's Party People Looks at US Civil Rights Movement

By Maggie Galloway

Activism has evolved a lot in this century, from women’s suffrage, to the Civil Rights Movement, to Occupy Wall Street; the means for action have changed so much from picket signs to Twitter feeds. Berkeley Repertory Theatre’s production of Party People uses music, lighting, dance, song, video, and spoken word to explore the history and modern legacy of the Black Panthers and the Young Lords, radical civil rights groups during the 1960s.

Ouija Movie Fails to Summon Spirited Actors

By Cody Feinsod

Recently released, Ouija is a horror movie based on the game by the same name, which is used to “communicate” with “spirits”. In the movie, Debbie (Shelley Hennig) hangs herself, leading her friend Olivia (Laine Morris), who suspects foul play, to investigate with four other friends.

School Spirit Stays Strong

By Lauren Messina-Douvos

Berkeley High School has a lot to be proud of. We are a school made up of more than three-thousand students who bring diverse opinions and come from different worlds, all to unite on one campus and hopefully interact respectfully with one another inside the classroom and out.

BUSD Resolves Conflict with Union

By Sasha Barish

The Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD) reached a tentative agreement on October 1 with the Berkeley Council of Classified Employees (BCCE) regarding health benefits and transfers for the district’s employees.

November Ballot Measures

By Sophie Craypo

Measure D is a proposed tax on “Big Soda” distributors in Berkeley. This measure aims to address the problems of diabetes and obesity caused by sugar sweetened beverages. It focuses on the distribution of sugary soda, energy drinks, juice with added sugar, and syrups that go into sugary drinks at cafes. If the measure is passed, a rate of a penny per fluid ounce will be taxed to distribution companies. Buyers are expected to pass the tax on to consumers, raising the retail prices of sugary drinks.

BHS Fire Science Approved as Credited Elective Course

By Jaya Nagarajan Swenson

Berkeley High School’s fire science class has recently been approved as a G science elective by the University of California Office of the President (UCOP).

The BHS class is one of the only high school fire science classes in the country. This course teaches what someone will need for a foundation of firefighting as a career.

To be approved as a UC elective, the class has a college preparatory curriculum that is submitted to the UCOP. Once it is approved, a student will get ten units per class for their transcript and twenty application credits for the UC system.

Berkeley Law Prohibits Feeding Wild Animals in City Parks

By Jonah Koppleman

As of October 1, 2014, a new ordinance concerning the feeding of wild animals in parks and public places was passed in Berkeley. This law will be enforced by a one hundred dollar fine for first time offenders, and up to five hundred dollars for multiple offences within a year.

BUSD Changes Testing Policy for Pre-Algebra

By Maggie Galloway

This year Berkeley Unified Schools are no longer letting sixth graders test out of pre-algebra. In years past, sixth graders have been able to test out of pre-algebra and go on to take geometry as eighth graders. The changes are part of the Common Core, which is working to regularize education standards across the United States. Berkeley High School’s math curriculum will also significantly be changed to compliment the Common Core.

Discovery of Noose on BHS Campus Prompts Discussion

By Isabel Cassidy Soto

On October 2, safety officer Robin Cummings found a noose hanging on a tree on the Berkeley High Campus Green. The noose was immediately removed, and the administration, along with the Berkeley Police Department, is investigating who is responsible. Since there is no security footage from that afternoon, and because no student reported seeing the noose, finding the perpetrator may prove difficult.

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