BHS Band, The Newcomers, Breaks Onto Music Scene

By Lucas Fanning-Haag

Photo by Courtesy_of_Daniel_Atkins

Last Friday night, the band The Newcomers rocked the house at Slim’s Nightclub in San Francisco. Berkeley High School freshmen Dante Ryan and David Marcus recently formed the band, along with Jackson Kinder, a freshman at Marin Academy. This was the band’s second concert. A jazz enthusiast and a musical veteran with eight years of experience, Kinder composes the majority of their songs and plays piano for the band. His own personal style can be easily deciphered from the band’s R&B and jazz sound.Ryan is the lead singer, with a beautiful voice reminiscent of Frank Ocean, whose song, “Swim Good,” they covered early in the set. Last but not least, Marcus is a novice member who joined six months ago as the lead guitarist. Since then he has added his own original compositions to the band’s set lists.

The Newcomers’ tantalizing style of music takes inspiration from a broad mix of genres.

“From jazz to techno to rock to hip-hop, almost all music genres influence our style,” said Marcus. “We’ve self–proclaimed our genre to be called Slowcore Electro Rock Soul.”

It was a great scene at Slim’s. The atmosphere was buzzing, with many teenagers eager to hear their classmates perform. The band’s manager and Dante Ryan’s father, Padraic Ryan, gave a friendly and warm welcome to the crowd.
The night opened with a few songs from rapper and Berkeley High freshman Nekhi Foster, whose clever, quick-witted lines wowed the crowd. Once they began their set, many who knew the lyrics sang along and the frenzied audience made having a good time and giving support their prerogative.

The Newcomers were clearly having a good time as well performing for their friends and family, as evidenced by their smiles in reaction to the crowd.

347 audience members were in attendance for the show, the majority being BHS students out to support their classmates. One of the highlights was the crowd’s electric reaction to some of Marcus’ intricate guitar solos.

In addition to their usual members, The Newcomers were also accompanied by singer and Berkeley High Sophomore Jayde Lin and Berkeley High freshman and drummer Pele Greenberg, who played with the band for the duration of the show. Lin’s voice perfectly blended with and complemented Ryan’s mellow R&B quality while Greenberg was phenomenal on the drums, and obviously had lots of experience.

All in all, it was a great performance, defying the ageist notion that talent comes with age. The Newcomers showed an immense amount musical ability, and anyone interested in quality music and a good time should buy tickets to their next show.