Students Showcase Talent Through Original Clothing Lines

By Myah Overstreet

Berkeley High School has fostered a lot of amazing students with talents ranging from sports to the arts. Many of these students go on to do something greater and leave their mark on BHS with their special gifts. Recently, students running their own clothing brands are showing a lot of promise. These students have created art that is truly a reflection of themselves.

BHS senior Brandon Nido has created a clothing brand that is a display of who he really is and his true passion.

Explore Cheap Local Excersise Opportunities

By Ava Wallace

The Bay Area is full of great opportunities to be active, even on a student budget. As we receive the warm sun and beautiful light of summertime, now is the perfect chance to step out and treat yourself to some fun, relaxing, healthy, and cheap adventures that will reenergize you for the final weeks of the school year.

Upcoming Events

By Liat Levin

Spring Awakening: On May 2, 3, 9, and 10 the spring musical at Berkeley High School premiers! Spring Awakening guarantees to captivate audiences. After the Vagina Monologues and ITP’s wowed BHS audiences, one can only know that this next production will be fabulous! Cost: $5

Jazz on Fourth: May 18th, noon to 5 PM on Fourth Street between Virginia and Hearst. This awesome event will help benefit the Berkeley High Jazz Program. BHS students have the amazing opportunity to play with professional musicians. Cost: FREE



By Justine Cullinane

When she’s not cheering on the Oakland A’s, watching a Warrior’s game, or hiking around Berkeley and Oakland, Susan D’Orazio can be found at Berkeley High School, filling the role of school psychologist.

Best Ways to Spend Your Mother's Day

By Eliza Macy

There are countless fun things to do in the Bay Area, especially on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it is the perfect time to enjoy the warm weather and have a fun adventure with your family. This year could be the start of a new fun tradition, or a great way to explore a new place.


Savers Thrift Store Spurs Controversy

By Maddy Dills

Judging by the obvious invasion of hipster fads in Berkeley and subsequently Berkeley High School, the new thrift store Savers was sure to be a huge hit. Located just west of downtown Berkeley at 1414 University Ave., the store is placed in a prime area for shopping.


By Roxy Rozo-Marsh

If you ask a Berkeley High School student who Mary Jacobs is, chances are that somewhere along the way, you will find a senior who attributes some part of the success in his or her college application experience to her.

BHS Jazz Students Return From Cuba Trip

By Mira Chaplin

Cuba is known to many as a land of unspoiled beaches, antique cars, and rich musical history, but it is closed to most Americans for political reasons. However, members of the Berkeley High School Jazz Ensemble had the opportunity to visit Cuba for a week.

Lunch on a Student Budget

By Molly Rossmann

The lunch bell at Berkeley High School may as well be the shot from the starting pistol at a marathon, or maybe the 100-meter dash. Actually, the 800-meter might make for a better analogy.

The difficulty of buying lunch is heightened by the large array of options students face. There’s Sandwich Zone, of course, Nuha Cafe, Cancun, Toss, Bongo Burger — the list goes on. So, to narrow it down, where can you get the best bang for your buck? If we’re talking under $5, Berkeley has some solid options when it comes to a filling, delicious lunch.

Mosaic Comes to BHS

By Sasha Barish

The Mosaic Project is an organization that teaches fourth and fifth grade students from around the Bay Area about celebrating diversity and nonviolent conflict resolution. The project has introduced a club that connects its values and work to the Berkeley High School community.

Mosaic runs a five-day outdoor school for three classes from schools that differ in socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity.

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