Featured Faculty: Janelle Bugarini

By Kaili Meier

For the past nine years, when it came time for students to take Advanced Placement Spanish, many looked forward to the possibility of it being taught by Janelle Bugarini. In the past, she taught IB/AP Spanish and the Native Spanish Speakers class. This year, however, Bugarini is in the D-Building as the new Dean of Attendance, replacing Daniel Roose, who is now Vice Principal of Berkeley High School.

Recent Coastal Cleanups Inspire Sustainable Living

By Maggie Galloway

September 20, 2014 was the Ocean Conservancy’s 30th annual International Coastal Cleanup. Many students and teachers from Berkeley High School joined the rest of the community in cleaning up the shores of the Berkeley Marina. According to the City of Berkeley, over 4,313 pounds of trash were collected that weekend in Berkeley, Alameda, and Emeryville alone.

Bug Club Proves to Be Popular and Fun

By Mikaela Weidman

What is ento mology? Entomology is a branch of zoology specializing in insects. Berkeley High School’s Entomology Club, also known as Bug Club, is where bug lovers get together to study the extraordinary ways in which different bugs live.
Every so often, the club goes on walks in Tilden Regional Park, where they pick up bugs and observe how they function and survive. Club members are very careful not to hurt the bugs and to place them gently back to where they were found.

The Solano Stroll Draws Crowd of Three Hundred Thousand

By Nina Price

The second Sunday of September, Solano Avenue blocks itself off from traffic and welcomes businesses and attendees from all around California unite in Berkeley’s largest annual festival. On September 14th, the 40th Solano Stroll took place with nearly 300,000 people joining in on the mayhem. To put that number in perspective, it’s well over twice Berkeley’s population.

Guest Speaker Inspires Students

By Emily Supple

On September 11, a few small learning community English classes, along with Rosa Guzman’s Chicano/Latino Literature class, filed into the Florence Schwimley Little Theater, anticipating the arrival of world-renowned Latino-American poet Jimmy Santiago Baca. As Guzman announced the event and detailed a quick synopsis of Baca’s life, it became apparent that his very presence was an accomplishment and reason for celebration. Guzman stressed the importance of the event, as well as that of her Chicano/Latino Literature class.

A Few Recent Fads That Must End

By Ava Wallace

As we come back to school full of tentative expectations and resolutions, we can reflect upon the past year as we seek to make the coming school year even better. Trends and fads are looked upon to define moments past and present, and to help us find meaning in a time full of questioning and uncertainty. Sometimes it can be helpful to identify the negative moments in order to recognize the positive, so it is with this in mind that we present a few of the lowlights from last year’s cultural infatuations.

Youth Film Flourishes At The Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC)

By Maddy Dills

One of the most effective and common ways of projecting information at this point in time in our society is through media. In the past couple of years, access to movies and films through the internet has improved in various ways through advancements in internet technology such as streaming and netflix. This convenient way of viewing films has made them even more accessible to people of all ages across the world. With the influence of film increasing greatly, so has the interest of youth in creating their own works of film.

Upcoming Events

By Ava Wallace

Labor Day celebration at Playland-Not-At-The-Beach
September 1: Join the fun at Playland-Not-At-The-Beach and celebrate Labor Day with your favorite carnival games! Playland offers a wide variety of old-fashioned carnival entertainment and fun facts. Interactive entertainment options include a pinball arcade, magic show, and penny arcade. Check it out on Monday, September 1 from 10 AM to 5 PM. Price: $10-15

SF Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival

Students Share Their Busy, Fun-Filled Summer Schedules

By Maddy Dills

Summer always means different things for different people. For some people it means community service, helping those around them, and improving the area where they live through individual assistance. For others it means making money, gaining experience in a career path they may want to take later in life, or learning new people skills. For some it simply means a time to finally relax and soak in the inconsistent Berkeley sun. This summer seemed to be the usual combination of work and play for all different kinds of students.

Students Showcase Talent Through Original Clothing Lines

By Myah Overstreet

Berkeley High School has fostered a lot of amazing students with talents ranging from sports to the arts. Many of these students go on to do something greater and leave their mark on BHS with their special gifts. Recently, students running their own clothing brands are showing a lot of promise. These students have created art that is truly a reflection of themselves.

BHS senior Brandon Nido has created a clothing brand that is a display of who he really is and his true passion.

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