Ai Weiwei Organizes Alcatraz Art Show Remotely From China


Alcatraz Island is the last place that most would think of when they hear “art exhibit,” but the former maximum-security penitentiary and current national park has recently been altered to feature the exhibition, @Large, by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, which is running from September 27 until April 26, 2015. Its many pieces have vast differences, yet are connected through a common theme of freedom and human rights.

Berkeley High Student Band Releases New Self-Titled Album

By Anna Reed

The students of Berkeley High School are constantly showing us that age does not equal talent. Our school is full of hundreds of creative, talented people, many of whom aren’t even adults yet. It’s amazing to be able to see students blossom, succeed, and change the world before they graduate.

Spanish Classes Hold Day of the Dead Celebration

By Myah Overstreet

In the United States, the death of a loved one is seen as something to mourn and grieve over; however, in Latin America, this signifies a time to celebrate. All over Latin America, people celebrate the lives and accomplishments of their loved ones.

Upcoming Events

By Samuel Lerman-Hahn

On Saturday, November 1, the Young People's Symphony Orchestra will be starting its 78th season featuring works from a variety of French composers, including Claude Debussy’s “Fetes and Nuages” and Camille Saint-Saens’s “3rd Symphony.” The concert will be held at the First Congregational Church in Berkeley. Price: $10 students, $15 adults

AP Options Offered to Students in Small Schools

By Evelyn Goessling

For many students at Berkeley High, academia is dominated by Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum. For some this is a good thing, for others, perhaps not. Either way there’s no doubt that AP classes can give students an edge when it comes to applying for college. However, the opportunity to take AP classes has not always been available to students in small learning communities such as AMPS, CAS, AHA, and Green Academy.

College Kickstart Service Aids in Application Process

By Hanna Weiler

The college application process is undeniably greuling for students. Throughout portions of junior and senior years of high school, there is often so much to do and so many possible ways to approach it that it may seem like it would be entirely impossible to stay organized and manage everything successfully. From maintaining grades, to preparing and sitting for standardized tests, to actually selecting the best schools to apply to and writing essays, there is a seemingly endless list of tasks to complete.

Random Rantings

By Marit Frost

I don’t believe in spending thirty dollars on a tiny piece of cloth at pricey stores with famous logos or hand-blended cotton. It seems excessive, (unless it is a really nice tank top) so I naturally turn towards the shelves of Forever 21 and other similar stores that are ridiculously cheap and fairly functional. But every time I buy a two dollar tank top, every time I hand the cashier that blue plastic card or slide a crisp bill across the counter, I face a moral dilemma.

It doesn’t say “guilt trip” on the label, but maybe it should.

BHS Cooking Club Offers Culinary Opportunity

By Helen Thomas-McLean

The newly established Berkeley High Cooking Club is eager to set new goals and evolve as a community. Motivated by their love for cooking, BHS juniors Morgan Boals and Alex Soe were driven to create an environment where students curious about the preparation of food could hone their skills and learn the fundamentals of cooking. Using the leadership gained from previous clubs and classes, Boals and Soe successfully managed to turn their fantasy of a cooking club into a reality this fall.

Activists at the A Gate

By Dylan Earp

On Wednesday, I had an unwelcome and intrusive addition to my otherwise familiar and comfortable independent study routine. On any given school day at 8:30 AM, I am either starting to roll out of bed and begin my day, or I have already been up for three hours stressing over some (math) homework assigned last week that is due later that day. In this case, it was neither. I had been signed up to take the Preliminary SAT (PSAT) on Wednesday at 8:30 AM, at the REALM Charter School in Berkeley.

Featured Faculty: Davey Reed

By Mikaela Weidman

When you think of some of your favorite teachers, you think of their amazing accomplishments and every single wonderful thing they have done, but you never stop to think about the magical help they get. Davy Reed has been working at Berkeley High for about a month now as a Media Technician, using audio-visual and computer media equipment for Phil Halpern’s video class. Halpern is a CAS Arts Video Production teacher who is very involved in the CAS community.

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