Mac Demarco Gives Concert-Goers an Engaging Experience

By Evelyn Goessling

After hearing indie rock concert horror stories of boring sets, low-energy crowds, and even lower-energy performers (Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, I’m looking at you), I was desperately hoping that Mac Demarco’s Tuesday show at the Fillmore wouldn’t live up to those rumours. A 24-year-old Canadian native, Demarco has found recent success with the release his most recent two albums, 2 (2012) and Salad Days (2014), although he had been performing since high school in a different project, Makeout Videotape.

Taylor Swift's 1989 Again Displays Fresh Style


Taylor Swift is very fond of leaving long periods of time between album releases, leaving lots of room to switch up her style. Fans and critics speculate about what her new sound will be, and usually are way off target. In her latest album, 1989, Swift said goodbye to her country roots and, true to herself, she went all out. Her fifth studio album marks her transition to ’80s pop, a pleasant surprise and a much needed addition to the genre.

Stud Jake Gyllenhaal Excels in Nightcrawler

By Cody Feinsod

Nightcrawler was one of the best movies I have ever seen. The movie is centered around Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) as he enters the world of “nightcrawling” (filming scenes of gore and violence to sell to news channels). It quickly becomes apparent that Lou is willing to do anything to get ahead in the business, and the film simply intensifies from there.

Perdition Smokehouse Leaves Something to Be Desired


Perdition Smokehouse is a barbeque joint located on University Ave. and Milvia St. It opened this past June, so it is relatively new. I had the opportunity to eat there this past week, and I had mixed feelings. The atmosphere is very nice, and the decor is very comfortable, but I have to say that the meats tended to be rather dry and tasteless. They lacked flavor, and that nice juiciness that is crucial in barbeque. Perdition Smokehouse is also way overpriced. Considering its just above average taste and quality, it costs far too much, with the brisket at $24 a pound.

Ai Weiwei Organizes Alcatraz Art Show Remotely From China


Alcatraz Island is the last place that most would think of when they hear “art exhibit,” but the former maximum-security penitentiary and current national park has recently been altered to feature the exhibition, @Large, by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, which is running from September 27 until April 26, 2015. Its many pieces have vast differences, yet are connected through a common theme of freedom and human rights.

Berkeley Rep's Party People Looks at US Civil Rights Movement

By Maggie Galloway

Activism has evolved a lot in this century, from women’s suffrage, to the Civil Rights Movement, to Occupy Wall Street; the means for action have changed so much from picket signs to Twitter feeds. Berkeley Repertory Theatre’s production of Party People uses music, lighting, dance, song, video, and spoken word to explore the history and modern legacy of the Black Panthers and the Young Lords, radical civil rights groups during the 1960s.

Ouija Movie Fails to Summon Spirited Actors

By Cody Feinsod

Recently released, Ouija is a horror movie based on the game by the same name, which is used to “communicate” with “spirits”. In the movie, Debbie (Shelley Hennig) hangs herself, leading her friend Olivia (Laine Morris), who suspects foul play, to investigate with four other friends.

Childish Gambino Incorporates New Sounds

By Sarah Carlin

Although rapper Childish Gambino released a mixtape called I Am Just a Rapper early in his career, today that statement could not be further from the truth. Donald Glover, better known by his stage name, Childish Gambino, is undoubtedly a Renaissance man, with experience in writing, acting, comedy, and producing.

Fury Masterfully Depicts the Horrors of War

By Myah Overstreet

The ability to capture the true essence of a tragedy is a skill that many screenwriters and directors find difficult; but every once in a while, a film is created that seems to perfectly capture what it means to be in a war. Fury, a film set in Germany during World War II, flawlessly captures the morbid, terrifying essence of the war from the point of view of American soldiers operating a tank.

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