Cal Art Magazine Begins to Publish Work of Berkeley High Students

By Giulia Chiappetta

University of California, Berkeley junior Livia Maas has an idea. It’s a very ambitious idea, which will lead to a very ambitious project. If this project is successfully pulled off, Berkeley High School students will have the chance to release their work beyond the limits of our high school, and a chance to share it with the college students they aim to become. They will have the chance to publish their works in a magazine.

“In brief, the magazine I’m starting will publish artwork and writing from high school students in Berkeley,” Maas said. It will be distributed on the UC Berkeley campus, which Maas hopes will connect kids with the idea of going to college, since their art will be recognized there. Students will be able to submit their art via email once the magazine is all put together. The art, which will include illustrations, photography, writing, and all other media, will be used “as a means to promote higher education for BHS students.”

Maas believes that by having their voices heard and their art admired by the college students, BHS students will be encouraged to join their viewers. Knowledge that their work is appreciated by those at UC Berkeley will serve as a perfect connection between the college and those who are thinking of applying. It will also give BHS artists a taste of professionally spreading their hard work throughout the community, therefore preparing them for college. Such a project has many benefits for BHS students.

This is, obviously, not a one–person job. Maas is reaching out to academic departments and student organizations that may be interested in serving on the editorial board for help with the organization and the magazine in general. Funding is another obstacle. When asked, Maas said funds can “be obtained through UC Berkeley’s student government, the Graduate Assembly, or other funds.”

To even start the magazine, she still needs to get “approval from UC Berkeley administrators, write a constitution, and form an editorial board.” Such a project will be tough to handle, especially for someone who is already majoring in History and Economics, but she sounds confident.

Along with being distributed throughout the UC Berkeley campus, copies of the magazine will be given out at BHS, so the artists can admire their own work, and not have to go to the college to obtain it. It will serve as a source of well–deserved pride in their own achievements. “I know that Berkeley’s high schools have so many talented artists,” said Maas, “and I want to give them an outlet to express themselves. They have an important voice in our community, and it deserves to be heard!”

In short, a big thanks to Livia Maas for giving artists at BHS the opportunity to put their work out into the world. It will give student contributors a feeling of accomplishment and pride in their work. So, to all of our aspiring artists at BHS, keep this in mind: if the magazine pulls through, it will surely be an excellent and beneficial experience for all of its contributors, and you could be one of them!